On Tuesday 13th the Class 4AP of the “WFO Franz Kafka”went to visit the Techpark called “NOI” in Bolzano.

We all met at the station of Merano at 13:30 and took the train to the station of Bolzano.
It took us several minutes to arrive at our destination of A. Volta Street 13 from the station of Bolzano- South.

The Techpark itself is located at a former factory site, where the fascists used to produce steel. Most of these old buildings still exist, even though now they are used in another way.

At the Techpark a young lady welcomed us and introduced herself as our guide for the next hour. The guide told us that we were just at the very beginning of the NOI area.
In fact, this whole construction is huge, as there are two divided areas: The entrance, with the old buildings, such as the water silo and the second part with its modern buildings, called monoliths.

The guide also told us, that the second area was going to have accommodations in the future. They also consider building a preschool and a kindergarten there, so that their employees can settle down in theTechpark. With already millions of euros spent, the area hasn’t even reached 50% of the planned constructions yet.

The guide showed us the inside of the first building. The interior wasn’t actually as modern as we expected it to be. Inside there are several socially based rooms, were co-workers and other people can get in touch with each other. After various interesting information, the guide went on with her tour and showed us the presentation room, where she explained the meaning of the word NOI.

She told us that in German NOI can be understood as “new” and in Italian, it means “we “. So, they decided to use NOI because it can be understood by both, Italians and Germans.

As a result, many of big companies settled in the Techpark, such as EURAC RESEARCH; FRAUENHOFER ITALIA; LAIMBURG, KLIMAHAUS and the researching labs of the University Bolzano as well.

After an hour our time had come to an end and the guide released us with lots of information.

Together, we went back to the station of Bolzano- South and travelled back by train to Merano, where our group split up and we went home.

It definitely was a fascinating excursion

Manuel Zueck, Rahul Rai