Projekt zur Geschichte unseres Gebäudes

Block (Hi)story


On 28th November we went with our English teacher Prof. Elisabeth Pallozzi to a workshop with the very talented Su Blackwell. She’s an artist from London and makes beautiful things out of paper and books. The workshop was organized by the public library of Meran.

In the morning we went to the Italian cultural center in Meran. At first, we were greeted by the lady from London. She introduced herself and then she read out a part of the book called “The Little Prince”. She also showed us a little catalogue of her works. Then she demonstrated the first steps on how to make a paper rose. First, we applied glue on the wire with a painting brush. After it dried, we made a little ball out of modeling clay and we glued it on top of the wire. With the help of the templates, we cut out petals out of paper and glued them around the ball of modelling clay. After cutting out the leaves we glued them on the wire as well and twisted them around the stem. Finally we wrote on a tag the things that are important to us. Then a bunch of people drilled multiple holes in some books and we stuck the roses into the holes. At the end we took our art works with us and displayed them in the library. It was a great experience and it was fun. For more information click on the following link

Keti and Susanne, class 1C-LP


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