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On Tuesday, 17th April, we had a workshop with Nick Allen for about five hours in the morning. We were a small group of nine students and talked in English for the whole morning. The workshop was about debating. First, Nick Allen told us about the history of debating, a little bit about the United Kingdom and about how a good debate is structured. Then we could choose a topic, we wanted to discuss. We selected “abortion”. We prepared ourselves in small groups for the debate and later we had a real debate for about an hour.

Julia Bortolotti 3B

Weiterlesen: Report about the debating course with Nick Allen

Introducing the students to debating

On Monday, 11th and Tuesday, 12th April students from various third, fourth and fifth classes met in the project room to start debates on different topics in the way debating is commonly practiced in Britain. On Tuesday, after an introduction on the history of debating in ancient Greece and how it developed in different countries throughout the years, Nick Allen referred to the many European parliaments and how the seats in those debating rooms are set up to how history in those countries has developed the way, debating is thought to be seen and practiced by their populations. Following these words, Nick made everyone participating in the course aware of the fact that the course will most likely be the first experience in the so called “British-debating” the candidates will have ever made in their life, therefore hesitation would be understandable, yet unproductive and disruptive in the entirety of the discourse.

Weiterlesen: Report about the debating course with Nick Allen